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About Us

We believe permanent changes in your mind and body will happen when you continually work toward your goals. These changes can happen more easily when you have the right tools, education, and importantly, when you surround yourself with a supportive community of like-minded people. That’s why we have a strong focus on community for all our group fitness and and nutrition services.
Whatever your budget, fitness level, or age, we can help you achieve the health and fitness results you’ve always wanted.

Health & Fitness Services

  • Group training: ICE & FIRE sessions (explained below).
  • Complete weight loss program including all nutrition and exercise.
  • Personal consultations face to face or online available.

Weight loss specialist

Accredited Body Transformation Specialist Troy Willems has helped many clients lose weight. He has personally lost 35kgs so he can empathise with the many challenges you have probably already encountered in your weight loss journey.

When you decide to lose weight, you will be taken through an internationally recognised body transformation program, Metabolic Precision. It’s based on thousands of hours of research and hands-on experience by Dr. Paul Cribb, an Aussie scientist and personal trainer.

The program is easy to understand, based on science, and simple for people to follow. Your weight loss toolkit will include: recipes, education such as how to get your metabolism working at its best, individual goals, nutrition and exercise diaries.

And the most valuable part about the program are your dedicated small group sessions and ongoing personal coaching from Troy: this will help bring it all together and help you to keep up your motivation and momentum to lose weight. And keep it off!


I used to dread going to the pool or the beach with my kids. I was always anxious about that moment when I would eventually be asked to go in the water and have to take my shirt off in public. There was nothing more humiliating for me in life. I've turned things around for myself this year and just returned from a beach break where I had no problem at all getting my rig out and showing off all my hard work. I'm looking for 5 x dads who want to get rid of that embarrassing beer gut in 2018 and get in the best shape of their life.
Will this be you or will you still be stressing out on next year's holidays with your family???

Intense Cardio Excercise


  • 30 minute cardio group fitness sessions structured to optimise fat loss and increase fitness.
  • 5 x sessions per week.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels from the beginner to the advanced.
  • Training variety guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.
  • Join our amazing community: we train to motivate and support each other.
  • FREE 7 day trial for all new members.
  • Affordable for all. Up to 5 x sessions per week for just $19.95/week (52 week commitment) or $29.95/week (12 week commitment).
Monday 6.15am 6.00pm
Wednesday 6.15am 6.00pm
Friday 6.15am  

Focused Intense Resistance Training


  • FIRE is a science-based and research-proven system that consistently delivers rapid improvements in body shape.
  • Only 2 sessions per week required to build lean muscle (essential for fat loss).
  • Experience increased strength.
  • Smash through training plateaus and fat loss plateaus.
  • FIRE is a 10 week small group fitness training program (No more than 6 persons per group).
  • Training programs designed to suit all abilities and fitness levels
Tuesday 5.45am 6.00pm 7.00pm
Thursday 5.45am 6.00pm 7.00pm

Troy has to be one of the best P.T.s I've ever worked with. Knowledgeable with a sense of humour that doesn't stop. Would recommend Constant Evolution to everyone.

- Robert Evans

Constant Evolution is Now Offering "Metabolic Nutrition Online"!


Metabolic Nutrition is the center piece of Metabolic Precision – the internationally recognized, science-based, research-proven transformation program.

Metabolic Nutrition On-line is designed for individuals that need tailored solutions for health, performance & the body they really want without having to attend face-to-face consultations with an MP Certified Transformation Specialist. Instead, your MP Certified Transformation Specialist will be provide feedback on your progress and help with advice at regular intervals during your transformation.

A product of over 25 years of research by Dr Paul Cribb PhD – an award winning Australian Research Scientist. "Experts tell us The Metabolic Nutrition On-line Program is the most comprehensive yet easy to follow & implement On-line Transformation Coaching Program anywhere in the world!"

Metabolic Nutrition Online is more like a complete experience in peak performance living!

Forget the spread sheets and meal plan printouts, you deserve so much more from an On-line Coach!

Here’s just a sample of what you will experience:

  • Discover your Metabolic Classification to fast track success!
  • Get the right type & amount of exercise to speed results!
  • Develop a tailored plan perfect for you!
  • No gimmicks or expensive supplements
  • No counting calories!
  • A straightforward approach, easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.
  • No guessing or conflicting information, just fantastically consistent results!

"The Evolution of You"

constant (adjective)

  1. Continually occurring; persistent:
  2. Regularly recurring:

evolution (noun)

  1. A gradual process where something changes into a different, more complex or better form.
  2. A result of this process; a development.
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