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Troy Willems

Troy spent the first 30 years of his life trapped in an obese body. When he stopped waiting for someone else to change his life and took action, he lost 35kg and 4 clothes sizes.  

Troy Willems Personal Trainer

Success Stories

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Lee-Anne Before Lee-Anne After




I spent most of my life overweight and jumping from one diet to the next. Each time I would find a new diet I would enjoy limited success before I regained all the weight I had lost plus a little more.

I found Troy and his holistic transformation program in 2014 and I have achieved continual results by doing a lot less exercise than I thought I'd need to do and eating a lot more food than I thought I'd be allowed - it seemed too good to be true but it's working!

Edmund Before Edmund After




My goal is to be a fit dad to keep up with my active work routine gets me either desk-bound all day or driving to meetings. Exercise is literally zero.

I wanted to have a long term sustainable fitness routine that does not require long hours in the gym with a strange and restricted diet.

I’ve learnt to sustain long term health and fitness by reprograming my daily habits and be conscious of what I put into my body (eating). As a result, I have good body form, feel confident and tons of energy to keep up with my active young children.

Danny Before Danny After




My biggest habit (challenge) holding me back was FOOD. After 45 years of habits and a lot of them bad, it was very challenging to change what I have to eat on a daily basis.

Discipline/routine was a struggle...My way to overcome this was to treat the transformation as a full-time job and go at it like going to work every day. The easiest part of my journey was having a set program for weight training, following instructions from Troy and just completing what he asks me to do.

Don't listen to people saying "why bother you’re just old and that's how you're supposed to be".

Troy Willems

My Mission is to Help People Like You Change Your Life the Way I’ve Changed Mine

Lose the weight for the rest of your life with a professional who has done it too.

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