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Read some of the amazing, life changing stories from real people just like you:

“Give it time” is just one example of the sensible advice Troy has given me during the three years I have trained with him.  I highly recommend Troy as a Personal Trainer because after “giving it time”, and after decades of failed attempts and despondency about how far I had to go, I have seen results. It is Troy’s support, encouragement to persist, gentle challenges and nutritional IQ which has made the difference in my journey.  It’s not just physical changes either.  As well as a more positive body image, my ability to cope with pressure at work has improved, I am sick less often and feel stronger mentally. Comparing where I was and my struggle to find help, and where I was heading, to where I am now I am thankful for investing my time and resources in Troy’s professional expertise.”  Dianne Street

“Troy is a top guy, and has helped with practical in depth advice & training to help me achieve my goals, of sustainable health & strength. My advice for anyone thinking about it... let Troy put legs on your dreams, he'll help you make them happen.” 
Lukas White

“An awesome workout. heaps of variety to keep it fresh with a nice crew and a fantastic trainer. Troy is so passionate and has such great knowledge.”  Rebecca Ravenscroft

"My name is Rob Evans and I want to share something with you. It wasn’t that long ago that the shift from a young man to an old man had started, I felt tired and crook most of the time, the grey hair has emerged and physically I noticed more fat in places that I just didn’t want. And to top it off more often than not just getting out of bed to go to work was an effort that seemed so overwhelming I couldn’t achieve it. In other words I had hit middle age. I felt like a stranger had taken over and most of the time felt so down in the dumps I just couldn’t be bothered. Let me fast forward from that time to this, I have more energy than ever; I’m in better shape than when I was in my twenty’s and have a new found passion for exercise that I thought was lost forever. WHY is this? Thanks to Troy Willems from Constant Evolution Personal Training who introduced me to Metabolic Precision with the benefits of proper nutrition and training programs designed by science. 🔍 When I first spoke to Troy about what I wanted to achieve, “to feel better mentally and physically” I never realized just what sort of changes the program can achieve. Don’t get me wrong you have to want to change, whatever that is will be up to you, but if want to invest in yourself and get a positive outcome. You have to see Troy, you have to learn how to eat and what to eat and when, you and you have to learn to love resistance and cardio exercise, trust me he will take you through all of this and more. In the end though the choice is yours; to stay in the shadows; live in your glory days or invest in yourself, rebuild what you want to be, be what you want, gain what you want from your life, we all need a coach or a trainer or a teacher and sometimes we need a friend that can help us through, Troy will set you on the track to success, he will take you through the evolution of your personal journey. He will help you achieve your goals. With his help, expertise in training techniques and knowledge of metabolic precision you’re well on your way to success 💪".  Rob Evans

Case study: Lee-Ann

Lee-ann has worked tirelessly through her transformation over the last 2 years in more ways than you can imagine....
Like any life-changing transformation it hasn't been all easy sailing. Shift working brings an awful lot of challenges with your sleeping habits, eating habits and training habits.
It could be very easy to sit back and say "I'm a shift worker, it's too hard to eat properly and exercise regularly" but Lee-Anne knew that if she didn't do something to beat the stereotypical shift worker lifestyle her health and family life would continue to suffer.

A plan, structure and accountability become even more important when your daily routine can change every few days. So that is what we did and the results speak for themselves.

  • Lots of variety, and quantity, of delicious and nutritious foods.
  • No crazy fads or miracle pills required.
  • A focus on building muscle in less than 2hrs per week.
  • Working on better habits and increased energy levels without having to be perfect

Lee-Ann resets her goals every 3 months and continues to put her health and fitness first.

“I spent most of my life overweight and jumping from one diet to the next. Each time I would find a new diet I would enjoy limited success before I regained all the weight I had lost plus a little more. I found Troy and his holistic transformation program in 2014 and I have achieved continual results by doing a lot less exercise than I thought I'd need to do and eating a lot more food than I thought I'd be allowed - it seemed too good to be true but it's working! Troy has supported me in so many ways over my transformation journey and is always there to offer advice to keep me on track with my progress. The transformation journey is a process. I'm still working on correcting my habits to ensure permanent results for the rest of my life"  Lee-Ann

Q&A with client Danny Pilat

What was the best part of this journey? 

After only a few weeks of exercising and a change in nutrition I started feeling energized, positive, detoxed mentally and physically.  I slept so much better.  I snored less, my reflux was almost gone and was off the medication for that. Colleagues at work started making comments on the new youthful-looking 45-year-old Danny. It was a new lease of life that I never experienced before,  and the journey was great. I've learnt so much during my transformation, that it's etched in me for life.

What was the biggest habit holding you back? And have you conquered it completely yet, or still working on it? 

I think my biggest habit (challenge ) holding me back was FOOD.  After 45 years of habits and a lot of them bad,  it was very challenging to change what I have to eat on a daily basis.  I soon realized that I had to change,  and it wouldn't happen overnight. Am I 100 % compliant with my food now?  No I'm not, but I'm probably about 90% better these days and I know what to eat.

What did you struggle with the most on this journey, and how did you overcome it? 

Discipline/routine was a struggle, especially on a cold early morning having to get up and go and smash some weights or cardio and then stay focused for the rest of the day with life's busyness,  eating well day after day. My way to overcome this was to treat the transformation as a full-time job and go at it like going to work every day.

What did you find the easiest on this journey, and how did you overcome it? 

I think the easiest part of my journey was having a set program for weight training,  following instructions from Troy and just completing what he asks me to do.

Favourite motivational quote:

"Stop making excuses.  Just do it"

What advice would you give to someone who resonates with your story and might be struggling?

You have to be fully committed or else you'll fail.  Don't listen to people saying  "why bother your just old and that's how you're supposed to be "  You have nothing to lose,  only to invest in yourself, not just for the transformation, but for life.  Photos speak louder than words.  As bad as it may look, take a photo of yourself from all angles,  and ask yourself if your happy with this body or are you gonna do something about it. Most importantly have a support person at home that will stay on this journey with you.

In bullet point form, list 3 ingredients that you feel are vital to a successful transformation?

  1. Family support.
  2. Determination
  3. Self-discipline

What did you learn from this experience?

I have learnt that it's not just about the physical transformation.  It's about educating  yourself and showing yourself that with some hard work you can transform yourself first  mentally, emotionally then physically .

“My goal is to be a fit dad to keep up with my active children.  The nature of my work routine gets me either desk-bound all day or driving to meeting one after another, which means my eating habit had fallen into fast food or skipping meals.  Exercise is literally zero. I wanted to have a long term sustainable fitness routine that does not require long hours in the gym with a strange and restricted diet. Through the MP Challenge program I’ve learnt to sustain a long term health and fitness by reprograming my daily habits and be conscious of what I put into my body (eating). I’ve gained the knowledge of effective exercise and effective food consumption to lose fat, gain muscle mass and body strength. As a result, I have good body form, feel confident and tons of energy to keep up with my active young children.”  Edmund Yang, recipient of the MP 2018 Transformation Program

Troy Willems

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